The Southport Stroke Club is a Registered Charity and is affiliated to The Stroke Association. The group is run by a small group of dedicated local volunteers.

The Club's Aims and Objectives are:-

  1. To provide facilities for recreation or leisure time occupation, with the objective of improving the quality of life of adults who have suffered disablement from strokes.
  2. To raise funds which can be used to finance social outings, entertainment or any other type of activity required by members
  3. To promote and maintain close relationships with all persons and organisations interested in stroke patients
  4. To be self-financing from fund-raising activities and donations from members.

The charity is governed by a written Constitution, last amended in 2006. This allows the charity to be run by a Management Committee made up of Officers and other members, all of whom are elected at its Annual general Meeting for a period of one year, but are available for re-election in future years. members of the Committee also assume the responsibility as the Charit's Trustees.

The Committee for 2016-2017 comprises:

Chairman  Mr. Sid Ashcroft 
Treasurer  Mr. John Harris 
Secretary  Mrs. Helen Jones 
Committee Members  Mrs. Anne Baldwin 
  Mrs. Audrey Bentham 
  Mrs. Margaret Chisnall 


The Southport Stroke Club started in its present form in 1991, although there was an earlier version with a different name. It has been operating since then, largely unchanged in format and objectives.

The club has been meeting at St. Patricks Social Club for almost 20years.